Hello! I'm a magazine writer, reporter, and editor based chiefly in New York City.

I'm an editor at WIRED media group's Backchannel. Previously, I was a contributing editor at Columbia Journalism Review. Before that, I manned  The Observatory, CJR's blog providing commentary and explanatory reporting on the science, medical, environmental and technology press.

My work has appeared in/on Aeon, The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Wired, Popular Mechanics, OnEarth, Salon, and a slew of other publications. Primarily, I write deeply reported pieces about science, psychology, and the natural world..but I've also been known to write about feminism, the inner workings of the media, crime and deviance, social justice, books, art, and cake. I love a good story. 

I studied science journalism at the Columbia University School of Journalism as a Robert Woods Johnson Foundation fellow. In a previous lifetime I studied English at Yale, and I'll recite Chaucer from memory if you ask nicely. 

I grew up in hustling downtown of Philadelphia and, despite all evidence to the contrary, do not live in Brooklyn. (Update: Whoops, I moved to Brooklyn.)