Hello! I'm a magazine writer, reporter, and editor based chiefly in New York City.

I'm the deputy editor of Jezebel. Previously, I was a senior editor at WIRED, a senior editor at Backchannel, and a contributing editor at Columbia Journalism Review. Before that, I manned  The Observatory, CJR's blog providing commentary and explanatory reporting on the science, medical, environmental and technology press.

My work has appeared in/on Aeon, The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Wired, Popular Mechanics, OnEarth, Salon, and a slew of other publications. Primarily, I edit deeply reported features—I also write about feminism, psychology, the media, crime and deviance, social justice, books, art, and cake.

I studied science journalism at the Columbia University School of Journalism as a Robert Woods Johnson Foundation fellow. In a previous lifetime I studied English at Yale, and I'll recite Chaucer from memory if you ask nicely. 

I grew up in Philly and, despite all evidence to the contrary, do not live in Brooklyn. (Update: Whoops, I moved to Brooklyn.)